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404 Trial

$99Purchase required to enroll
Your CrossFit 404 Trial will start with the three-class On-Ramp program, which will introduce and familiarize you with the fundamentals of CrossFit. Each night, you’ll learn and practice a variety of exercise movements common to CrossFit and then take part in an entry level workout covering those movements. By the end of the program, you’ll be ready to enter our regular group classes.

It’s a good thing, because you’ll have 10 days left in your Trial to take part in as many CrossFit, Endurance, Barbell Skills, MissFits and Yoga classes as you want. You won’t find a more valuable or affordable introduction to CrossFit anywhere in Atlanta!

Cancellation policy ATTENTION: The CrossFit 404 Trial begins with three required dates of OnRamp attendance prior to the trial week of membership. Please make sure you can attend all three class dates listed, prior to enrolling.

IF for some reason you are unable to attend all three classes after enrollment is complete:

1) cannot attend one class - a $30 additional fee will be applied for a private make-up session
2) cannot attend two classes, or all three classes - e-mail us at info@crossfit404.com to reschedule your Trial at no additional charge